A few years ago my friend Purin was inspired by an idea and embarked on a journey to buy nearly every Tap Light in the Bay Area. He then took them all to Maker Faire (along with several pounds of batteries) and created a hexagonal lattice out of the sticky lamps.

This was the result:

The exhibit was called Tap Tap Animation; viewers were encouraged to approach the wall and turn on/off whichever lights they pleased. It was a beautifully chaotic scene - you could create patterns, leave messages to future patrons, or if you're feeling particularly destructive erase everyone else's work. 

I wanted to see if I could bring this experience into the digital space, using CSS instead of plastic. Granted, there will be far fewer viewers of this exhibit, but if you try it out now someone in the future will see whatever you create in that little corner (most likely me).

The project is named pixelwall and was implemented using socket.io and node_redis. Have fun!